Thursday, March 14, 2013

some visual perspective...

Looking back at the performance of the Russel 2000 compared with things like Copper or Aluminum which are used in the real economy for things like engine blocks, tractor trailers, machine tools, electric motors etc etc etc it appears like Benny is succeeding in increasing the paper wealth of his gang of banksta nigga friends while everyone else must suffer the cost. Also find it interesting that the Chinese market (PEK)  is basically inline with industrial metals.. so which of these things are hinting at reality I wonder ?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Neat trick..

I luv the little fake out move Benny pulled pressing UGA (gasoline) and the pm's lower while lifting stocks in the past week or so.. that was cute, unfortunately  UGA will sling shot ahead now and with it mid $4 dollar gas on deck for the spring...or so I'm thinking..  unless he plans to take everything down for a breather...

Thursday, March 7, 2013

VIXY and moving avg of daily volume

Interesting that VIXY did not confirm the recent breakout in stocks and that volume has been building exponentially as though front running a big shock about to hit from left field..

One of the few areas of the market the PPT has neglected

One of the few areas of the market the PPT has neglected is the aluminum market.  Overlaying a chart of Alcoa and JJU  (aluminum etf) you can see that they both languish at 09 depression collapse lows.  Amazing with car sales around the world supposedly so strong and with world central banksters blowing money out their asses as fast as they are makes you wonder just how shitty things really are.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

IBM and moving moving avg of volume

IBM is quickly heading towards transaction levels not seen since the mid 1980ies as the banksters continue to prop the market up in the face of folks selling off their paper/IRA's/401k's/pension draw downs etc. I guess at some point soon it will be back to the 1960ies with everyone having left the market except a few computers bouncing stocks back and fourth between each other for the purpose of marking fraudulent price levels.

..and XOM same thing although interesting wedge pattern seems to be maturing right about now...

Friday, March 1, 2013

VIXY volume explodes

Gold was dumped and VIXY volume exploded this week.  Somebody know something ?

Another look at Copper (JJC)

It's still possible that copper is trying to find it's natural price (lower) but facing interference from central banksters printing fiat and manipulating economic data which is drawing and extending out the right shoulder of a head and shoulders pattern. In the mean time Russel 2k continues to ignore economic reality...