Thursday, August 9, 2012

Inflation shit storm on deck...

The corn chart reveals not only a break out but a flag (half mast) which suggests a massive and powerful move higher while at the same time the dollar keeps inching higher and higher. US is the world's largest exporter of corn to all those weakening currencies.  Not to mention gasoline prices getting ready to break out.  Maybe this is why gold rather then pressing the top of the range (1900ish) is pressing the bottom. They can't print right now.  Speaking of gold, in a completely and totally corrupted system you might expect the fed, banksters, friends and family and even enemies with assist of agents would be front running the next wave of printing (whether Euro banking license, fed QE-3 or China stimulus. Instead nothing, not even the faintest heart beat from gold. I'm looking for a break down in gold not break out, and along with it, sub 1100 /es.... at least at first.

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