Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lunar strangness...

strange that 2 previous long term tops occurred one day after New Moons both on Aug 29 2000 and Oct 11th 2007... all well and good but stranger still is when you project that resistance line across to today you'll find that the coming May 9th New moon appears ready to bisect both time and price pricesly.  Very strange indeed... by the way the next day marks the anniversary of the May 10th 1837 stock market collapse and BANK RUNS   hmmm...  So now I ask myself...  is gold front running something ? Why is Benny not going to the Hole?   have we seen a Hindenburg recently ?  Is aluminum about to break the 08 lows with copper following right behind ? If  INDX soldiers like XOM take a hit (and it looks shaky right now) the markets will get trashed.  Lots of strange happenings clustering in the coming days and weeks.

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